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10 FUNNY Dubai Metro Stories That Will Crack You Up

Today marks the 10th year anniversary of Dubai metro that caters to millions of passengers for the past decade with ease and comfort travelling.

To mark this milestone, we have dig the internet to look for the funniest experience that will probably make you LOL.

1. “Dubai Mall to JLT, I was leaning against the door. Then we go to Nakheel…” –u/benfrank81, Reddit, 2017

If you don’t get what happened to him, you probably haven’t experienced it! Door in Nakheel Metro Station opened and if you’re not aware, you will probably topple outside the door.

2. “One guy licked my neck. Took me a while before I could ride the metro again.” – u/scre4m, Reddit, 2017

Hey, your name checks out! I would have screamed (or moan) if someone accidentally licks my neck…inside the train. In a comment section, he explained: “Metro was full, rush hour and all. Think really cramped. I always hesitated taking the metro during rush hour but it was an emergency. Right before Burjuman station, I felt something soft and warm against the back of my neck. This happened as everyone was pushing their way to go out, so I didn’t get to see who it was. It felt cold, you know when your hand is wet and then you blow on it. I had that feeling at the back of my neck. I touched it, it was wet. NATURALLY, I tried to smell it. It smells like spit. It then hit me someone may have licked it – tongue is that warm thing I felt. I got off the next station and furiously washed my head on the washroom. I got out and went back in on Gold Class. I seldom take train now but if I need I go to Gold Class at least.”

3. “It was late at night so the cabin was rather empty, and a guy with headphones started dancing around the pole and breaking loudly into song every few moments. Everyone else was struggling not to crack a smile.” – u/tinkertoon, Reddit, 2017

I mean, there is no harm in singing and dancing inside the metro…until an RTA officer spots you. The guy is living the life, I must say.

4. “Had this clichéd moment of eye contact every now and then, on my way to church, with a girl sitting on my far right where I would look and she’d look away. She gets off DCC and I smile to myself and look ahead, only to see my mum glaring, deep into my soul.” – u/coffeedoc1, Reddit, 2017

Mum is not happy at all! Or she thinks that you’re creepy!

5. “One guy looked at me very rapey-murderer-style. Look away, 20 seconds later, glances and stares for 15 seconds. Looks away. Stares again for 20 seconds. Looks away. And again… This behavior continued for 6 more stations.” – u/utopian-unicorn, Reddit, 2017

Ohhh, there will always be that one guy inside the metro who will give you that kind of stare. Some even stare as if you’re being undressed! I do what other crazy people will do – stare back and snap at them.

6. “Not a story but I always do this. I pretend to yawn and look around, at least 3 people will yawn as well.” – u/pastorofhamsters, Reddit, 2017

I yawn twice after reading this story! This is the kind of social experiment we don’t need but wanted to be part of.

7. “Had been in Dubai only a few months when I involuntarily popped a candy while being absolutely engrossed in something I was reading. Felt a tap on my shoulder and the next thing I know I am being charged AED 110 by a smiling but firm RTA gentleman.” – u/middleofhardware, Reddit, 2017

First thing that you should know when entering the metro: never ever eat or drink inside! The officers are just lurking somewhere. Passenger is still lucky because it was only AED 110. This year, RTA has increased the fine for I don’t know how much.

8. “I left my seat for an elderly woman on the metro and it reclined and she fell flat on her back, awkward looks from everyone.” – u/bmking69, Reddit, 2017

That poor lady!

9. “I saw a huge bed bug crawling at the back of the guy in front of me.” – u/_d3stro_

I mean, bed bugs are everywhere in Dubai! I wouldn’t be surprised but accidentally taking it in the metro…ugh, shame!

10. “Friend was tying his shoes inside the metro, then it moves, then he rolls…” – My personal experience.

As we were on our way back home from an event, we opted to ride metro. My friend was tying his shoes while the train was on stop to wait for passengers to come and go. It took him more than one minute to fix his shoelace and when the train starts moving, I saw him rolling already and I was hysterically laughing. I helped him to go up after laughing so hard.

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