• O.G. Wright

10+ memes that you’ll find funny if you ride metro every day

Riding the RTA metro every single day has been part of Dubai residents for years now, especially those who are intelligent enough to choose arm-wrestling with co-passengers just to hop in inside the train before it closes than patience-draining traffic on the roads.

Who wouldn’t want the metro? It doesn’t encounter traffic (obviously) and it’s very convenient.

The City Vibes collected some of the funniest memes.

*cries while walking up with the rest of people who suffered the same fate*

Deep inside, you’re shouting. In reality, you give that passenger a death stare before saying "do you mind" in a very calm voice.

You’re actually dealing with three things every day: crowd, smells, and slow walkers. Oh, good God!

Standing while browsing the web. Hold to the handlebar!

Holy moly! You feel nervous when a couple gets intimate inside the train. Calling the attention of Dubai Police and RTA officers. Just kidding!

I get embarrassed for them. Seriously? Why’d you got inside if you use an invalid card or card with insufficient balance?

There is nothing more rewarding than sitting in peace while going to your house.

Accept it or not, you signed up for this!

I don’t mind suffocating myself as long as I don’t smell that mixed breaths.

Acting unsuspicious of stealing someone’s space when you know he’s going down next station.

Here we go again. Blah blah blah you’re all deafening.

Sparta!!! *oops don’t freaking step on my stiletto*

You know AED 400 is expensive, right? Get your ass from there and go on this side, dude.

It was just “the train will arrive to” then you hear "door’s closing." THAT WAS QUICK, RTA, TBH.

Sometimes you just can’t control your temper anymore. It’s elevator etiquette, hello?

Voila motorists. I’m already here in Sharjah, just finished cooking our dinner. How’s the traffic in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road?

That’s it! You survive another day on the metro. We’re proud of you!

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