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4 Reasons Why Chocolates Made In The Philippines Are The Best

Philippines was not only made to offer some of the greatest tourist destinations or produce welcoming natives, but also manufacturing gastronomic food.

Few only know, especially non-Filipinos abroad, that the country also produces chocolates that can keep pace with other known chocolate brands in the market.

Recently, a Filipino chocolate brand has penetrated UAE to showcase to the locals and expats how Philippine chocolates taste.

Award-winning business Malagos Chocolate has recently launched its firm in Dubai and the feedback, so far, is as sweet as their product.

It was launched on Saturday, July 28 at Manila Grill in Asiana Hotel. The event was organized by Sugarrific Events Management.

The City Vibes catches up with the marketing manager of Malagos Chocolate, Ms. Riza Engoc to ask the top four reasons why their chocolates are considered the best.

It’s Filipino made. The said business is recognized globally in the field of chocolates using cacao. It’s using cacao, which is included in the top 50 best beans to produce chocolate.

Their advocacy. They don’t use minors to work for their plantation, which is situated in Davao, Philippines. They want to uplift the lives of the minority farmers in the local area by giving them works like this.

Lift economy. Not only they want to help local farmers, they also play a role in supporting the economy of the Philippines.

Use the highest quality. Malagos Chocolates are produced and made in Davao. From burying the seeds, grooming the tree to picking up the fruits – all happen in one place to maintain the consistency of their product. They process their product to the highest quality.

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