• O.G. Wright

4 Things To Watch Out For On Sarah G's Concert Tonight In Dubai

While we can't wait to witness the concert tonight of Sarah Geronimo, we've thought of things to watch out for on her concert that we think are very important. 

First - She is going to stage the concert as part of her 15 years in the industry. That's why the concert is called This I5 Me. It's an international tour and so far she has already travelled to a lot of countries including the US and UK. 

Second - Reasons to watch? You're not only going to witness Sarah's singing prowess. You're also going to see the guests, Mark Bautista and Xian Lim singing! Mark Bautista is undoubtedly a great singer and expects him to belt songs that normal people can't sing! I ain't joking!

Third - G-force is going to dance along with Sarah on stage and they are one of the popular group dancers that have raised the flag of the Philippines in the international arena. 

Fourth - The queen is going to wear a gown created by one of the local fashion designers here. We heard she's going to wear a Furne gown! So, that's something to look forward to! 

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