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5 Cities Where Filipinos With UAE Residence Visa Can Travel To On-Arrival Visas

The choices of countries where you can travel if you have a UAE residence visa are a lot. But which cities are the best to go to where you can enjoy nature, food, and people the most?

If you’re in the Middle East, or specifically in the UAE, you might want to plan your out-of-the-country trips before the Islamic holidays begin. Your residence visa is far more important than using it to access Secure eServices and a portable personal database.

Your residence visa can be used as a key to travel to these countries which don’t require visas, only require visa on arrival, or has an easy visa process for holders thereof.

Prepare your itinerary now and travel to these countries situated in Europe, Central Asia, and Africa!


The bilateral relationship between Montenegro and UAE has been strengthening and with this, all UAE citizens are allowed to enter the country with no visa. Meanwhile, those Filipinos who have residency cards can also enjoy the visa on arrival.

Flying time from Dubai: 8 hours and 55 minutes

Visa requirements for Filipinos: Visa is required but visa on arrival for Filipinos with UAE residence visa is given in the airport

Required documents: Return direct flight ticket (UAE-Montenegro-UAE), proof of accommodation, and the Residency Card which must be valid for at least 30 days counting from the date of departure from Montenegro.

Validity: Up to 10 days


Aside from the fact that it’s just 4 hours away from Dubai, India has this vibe that is very good for your soul.

Flying time: 3-4 hours

Visa requirements for Filipinos: e-Visa required

Visa fees: $60

Required documents: A printed confirmation of Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) should be passed. Return ticket, sufficient money to spend during your entire stay in India.


This is probably the top place where most Filipinos who are required to change their visa go during the process. It’s not only for ‘exiters’ because this place is home for various UNESCO heritage sites!

Flying time from Dubai: 3 hours and 10 minutes

Visa requirements for Filipinos: Visa on arrival or e-visa

Visa fee: Visa on arrival for 21 days - AMD 3,000

Required documents: Valid passport, onward/returns tickets


Tired of Dubai’s futuristic city? It’s time to experience African Wildlife. It may sound far from Dubai, but matter of factly, it’s just 5 hours and 30 min away from here.

Visa requirements for Filipinos: e-Visa is required

Visa fee: $ 51 for single entry, transit visa is $ 21

Required documents: Passport, passport-size photo, travel itinerary and hotel bookings

Validity: 3 months


Fond of going to places that are historically rich? Then be prepared to fall in love with Tajikistan, which is also known for rugged mountains, popular for hiking and climbing.

Flying time from Dubai: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Visa requirements for Filipinos: Visa on arrival or e-visa

Visa fee: Visa on arrival - $ 52, e-Visa - 50

Required documents: Filled application form, valid travel documents, and return/onward flight.

Validity: Up to 45 days at Dushanbe

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