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5 Countries That Every UAE Resident Must Visit Because Flights Are Way Cheaper

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Planning a trip for the next holiday? Or are you planning to tick another bucket before the year ends?

While visiting other emirate is overrated during a holiday season, visiting nearby countries on a smaller budget is also an option according to Jeraldine May Paraiso, a sales executive at Cozmo Travel in Satwa, Dubai.

The City Vibes has recently spoken with Ms. Paraiso to ask some of the must-visit countries for UAE residents at a low-cost.

1 – Georgia

We’ve already heard that Georgia is a beautiful country with snow. But are you aware that the place is also astonishing even during summer? And you can’t leave the country without trying some of the best and cheapest wines in the world.

2 – Thailand

How about a quick break from the desert and a three-day vacation leave to a tropical county like Thailand? While this may sound cliché, the country has delicious and diverse food that you will never have to eat the same dish twice.

3 – Sri Lanka

One of the reasons why foreigners visit Sri Lanka is because of the holy and popular Buddhist temples. The country has 5,800 wild elephants and several leopards. You may also want to visit caves which are filled with Buddha statues. Going to Sri Lanka from UAE with hotel, food and tour will not totally break your pockets.

4 – Kyrgyzstan

We don’t need to prove how great Kyrgyzstan is when it comes to offering sceneries. The place has these painting-like sceneries that you need to convince yourself that they're real. They also have amazing and shiny-haired horses.

5 – Turkey

Aside from having attractive gentlemen, this country is also home to incredibly diverse cities and landscapes. Plus, they have an ample of mountains for you to climb.

Cozmo Travel has some of the best packages going to these countries at a low cost that include 2-way ticket, tours, and hotels, among others.

For prices and other inquiries, you may call Ms. Paraiso at 056 888 0797.

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