• O.G. Wright

5 Stereotypes UAE Arabs Hate As Told By Khalid Al Ameri

Not all Arabs are the same.

Not all Arabs think and do what the media broadcast or what the films show.

Emirati blogger Khalid Al Ameri bared some of the stereotypes that Arabs hate and annoyed them.

1. Fluency in English

Khalid indirectly said in one of his latest vlog episodes that not all Arabs speak broken English.

2. Crazy rich Arabs?

Not all Arabs are rich. Nope, not all of them own oil fields across their backyards.

3. Arab time

What offends Khalid is how people generalize that Arabs are always late (although most of them are based on my experience). “Using ‘Arab time’ is generalizing that all Arabs are late. [Mutters] yeah some. But you can’t generalize.”

4. Crazy Arab drivers?

It’s a no again. Not all Arabs drive their cars crazily! Khalid believes he is a safe driver because he puts his seatbelt, make sure that everything is safe, drive at a reasonable speed, make sure that his kids have their car seats and buckled up in the backseat. “If you’re to generalize that we’re all crazy driver, that’s not a really nice thing.”

5. The Emirati culture

Khalid explained that traditional Emirati excursion does not include Egyptian belly dancer, Japanese dirt bike, Indian biryani, and sisha stand. “There is nothing Emirati about that. You’re welcome to join my house, anytime, sit with our family and learn about the UAE.”

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