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5 things you must do during sandstorm.

Updated: May 12, 2018

Sandstorms in the UAE can be very brutal.

Today, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said that southeasterly to northeasterly winds will blow across internal and mountain areas, which will kick up to speeds of 55km/h at times.

This weather forecast calls some precautionary measures. 

Photo Credit : https://gulfnews.com/news/uae/weather/sandstorm-rages-across-the-uae-1.986289

Below are the five things you must do during this time. 

1. Put a mask or handkerchief over your mouth and nose

may not often see people wearing masks every day, but if you have no time to deal with dust storm you must get a piece of cloth or anything to prevent yourself from inhaling dusts. Applying a bit of water on the piece of cloth is also advisable when covering mouth and nose. 

2. Wear some eye protection

Your pair of eye glasses is not enough to protect you from blowing dust or sand -- it's still better to acquire an airtight goggles. If you don't have any of these things, just cover your eyes with your elbows and wrap a piece of clothing around your eyes and ears. 

3. Hide if possible

Seeking for an enclosed place is mandatory, whether you like it or not. Sand will bounce around when it hits the place and if you see something flying, you must crouch down. 

4. Wear full sleeved clothing

By doing this, you protect yourself from allergens that could give rise to skin allergy. Now that it's almost summer and dust storms are everywhere, you know now what to wear. 

5. Hydrate yourself

Drinking of water is taken for granted by some. But in case you don't know the connection between drinking of water and sand storm, here it is:  Drinking water will prevent dryness inside as dust and humidity steals the moisture away.

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