• O.G. Wright

A Huge Chunk Of Iceberg Is Heading To UAE

UAE is consistently making things possible.

As a matter of fact, it is planning to tow a huge chunk of iceberg from the Antarctic for humanitarian and commercial distribution.

The iceberg will be pulled by early 2020 from Heard Island in the South Pole to the coast of Fujairah, a distance of 12,000 kilometers.

It will take an approximate 1 year to travel the chunk to UAE.

The firm, National Adviser Bureau Limited, which will initiate this said that it will plan a pilot run early 2019. They will float an iceberg to Australia or alternatively the southern coast of South Africa.

The iceberg that will tow to UAE will be processed into pure polar ice water.

Once the iceberg towed in Fujairah, the firm will melt and process the water in industrial-sized water tanks.

Residents can also view the iceberg once it’s off shore.

It will also have an effect to the climate of UAE. It can create micro-climates and bring more rain.

“A scientific committee is now being set up consisting of scientists, experts, and specialists in the nature of Antarctica, icebergs and marine science, in addition to initiating collaboration with water research centers and universities worldwide,” Abdullah Mohammad Sulaiman Al Shehi, the firm’s managing director, told gulfnews.com.

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