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A Motivating Message For All Jobseekers In The UAE

There are only two reasons why you’re currently in Dubai.

You either want to see the beauty of it or work for who knows how many years.

And getting employed is not as easy as we were told.

Some have gone through a lot just to get their dream job posts, others have given up easily.

Former Dubai-based Jiaffy Mark Sebastian Santiago revealed his story on Facebook how difficult was it to look for a perfect job within three months before his visit visa expired.

After his unfortunate and bitter experience in Dubai, he is now working as a Territory Sales Executive in a beach resort in Maldives.

His story is translated from Filipino to English:

I’ve arrived in Dubai on July 2, 2017 with my 3-month visa and tried to find my luck in the emirate.

I experienced attending walk-in interviews with very hot temperature outside. It felt like there’s an iron near my face.

I experienced attending job fairs, waking up very early, travel, and stood in a very long queue until afternoon; only to be told to just hand over our CV.

I remembered applying at Dubai Science Park area. I didn’t know the place. There was no taxi nor bus stations in the area – I walked a very long distance just to look for a cab or bus and my feet were hurting a lot and the weather wasn’t helping; until my shoes cannot be worn anymore.

I experienced handing over three to five CVs in different companies, hoping I get calls from them at the end of the day. But I really thank my friends for printing my CV for free so that I can save up my money.

I also dealt with companies which asked for a certain fee before you get hired. There are also companies who will just your visa.

It was September 17 when I found a work but my boss wasn’t kind to me. There was also a colleague who put me in danger and did not release my salary on December.

But my friends are always behind my back, they supported me to file a case against that company before the labor department on January 5, 2018 until it got to the Dubai Courts.

I also asked assistance from a police station to have my passport back.

It took almost three months to address my problem, I went to embassy, immigration, labor, court until I won the case.

I also thank my friends because in three months, they have supported me financially and emotionally, most especially when I didn’t really know what to do because all I was thinking was my passport and just to go back to the Philippines.

But I believe everything happens for a reason because all of the sufferings have resulted to a better job.

God has better plans for us, just pray and strengthen our belief to him.

To all my kabayans, I understand you, please don’t lose hope because if you still have visa there’s still hope.

If you don’t get lucky there like me, God has bigger plan for you because at the end of the day you’re still the winner because you’ve shown how courageous you are to fight the challenges in life.

That’s what makes us Filipinos!

Don’t lose hope, always think positive.

Always think during your interview that you will get that dream position.

Just wait for a bit, because He has better plans for us.

Good luck kabayan and may God bless you.

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