• O.G. Wright

A new type of racism in Dubai has been discovered in the most British way

How will you react if you’re selling online a personal stuff and one of the potential buyers is urging you to reveal your personal identity just to make sure, say, for example, you’re indeed a British?

Well, this happened last yesterday when William Mullally, a Dubai-based writer posted the conversation he had with the buyer.

Just a backgrounder, Mullally, through an online web, is selling an Apple device with the caption “MacBook Pro 13-inch – British Owned” for the price of AED 1,100.

Mullaly was flabbergasted when a certain buyer asks him to provide a proof that the device is indeed British owned.

Keeping it professional, the writer said that he is not prepared to send any photos of identification to prove that he is from Britain.

“It doesn’t need to be personal identification just something that would prove you’re indeed indisputably British,” the buyer said.

Since the buyer has “trust issues” he/she did not accept the former’s offer: to engage in a phone call so he/she can hear his British accent.

Read the entire conversation here:


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