• O.G. Wright

After Two Months Of Workout, This Dubai Resident Shows Unexpected Body Transformation

Gaining body fats is as easy as 1-2-3, especially if you’re lazy to lift gym equipment and worst, lazy to stretch your body.

Take it from the story which was shared by Coach Adam, a community page based in the UAE, recently wherein a Filipino took a challenge to regain his body figure after nearly three months of absence in training.

The man, identified as Jerroh, was 96.4KG and after two months, he lost 13.4KG and much has been changed with his physique.

Jerroh took charge and fought back while battling with asthma and other illnesses.

“He’s now training 6 days a week every 6am, eating right by following the nutrition program and cutting back on alcohol turned his body into a lean machine,” the page stated.

If he can do this in two [freaking] months, what’s your excuse?

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