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Al Qadi Tourism Turns 12 And Sends A Pair To Maldives

In a very unique and fancy way, Al Qadi tourism has celebrated its 12th year of existence in the UAE yesterday by organizing a beauty pageant-like and hailing a pair to send to Maldives for free.

The travel and agency company has started to run the contest – Travel Buddies 2018 –  a few months ago to seek their first ever Filipino ambassadors of the firm.

And the winners have already been announced! Bryan Pagtalunan and Mariz del Rio are going to Maldives soon.

The pageant

A total of 18 travelers have made the cut – nine boys and nine girls – and competed today at the grand finals at the Cassells Al Barsha here in Dubai.

The 7-long-hour event kicked off in a national costume battle. They creatively introduced themselves by defining what it means to travel. Some wear indigenous dresses while others opted to wear barong to showcase Philippine’s fashion and pride.

From the national costume part, two contestants were eliminated during the said round and the remaining 16 battle it out in the summer outfit ramp. In this part, a question-and-answer was held to test their wit. A panel of judges threw questions related to travelling.

From 16 contestants, only 12 made to the most exciting part of the competition – debate! The debating part wasn’t easy as the normal school debate. It was impromptu and each contestant was just given a limited time to defend the idea that was given to him/her. Some failed bad, while others proved that they’re not only handsome or have a pretty face but also clever.

One of the most favored candidates by the crowd is the ever-funny Rosalinda Celladora. She entertained the crowd by making funny gestures from ramping to throwing ideas in the debate.

Too bad Celladora was not included at the top six. Under men’s category, only Benjie Geronimo, Emmar Napilan, and Bryan Pagtalunan were chosen to compete at the finals. Meanwhile, Mariz del Rio, Aileen de la Cruz, and Nica Bagang were the top scorer and were set to enter the finals.

Before going to the finale, the entire contestants paraded first their evening gowns and the guys wore their suit and ties while channelling the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ vibe.

The final six contenders were asked with only a unified question – what’s Al Qadi’s competitive advantage among other sprouting travel agencies in the country?

Pagtalunan explained how Al Qadi caters outstanding service and initiating such event.

Del Rio, on the other hand, became unstoppable when answering the question. She narrates her experience in Al Qadi and how the staff of the travel agency treat her when she visited their office.

Both of them received cash and tour package to Maldives.

2nd runner up – (Male) Benjie Geronimo = (Female) Aileen de la Cruz

1st runner up – (Male) Emmar Napilan = (Female) Nica Bagang

Minor awards:

Mr. Photogenic – Shein de Guzman

Ms. Photogenic – Aileen de la Cruz

People’s Choice Awardees – (Male) Johnlerie Santos = (Female) Jane Rica Maniago

Best Smile – (Male) Alvin Tuting = (Female) Jade Chan

Mr. Congeniality – Romano Soriano

Ms. Congeniality – Rosalinda Celladora

Best in National Costume – (Male) Bryan Pagtalunan = (Female) Nica Bagang

Best in Business Travel Outfit – (Male) Bryan Pagtalunan = (Female) Nica Bagang

Best in Summer Outfit – (Male) Bryan Pagtalunan = (Female) Nica Bagang

Best Dressed – (Male) Romano Soriano = Female (Mariz del Rio)

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