• O.G. Wright

All The Details About The Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century In UAE Tomorrow

Tomorrow night, brace yourselves as the longest lunar eclipse of the century in the United Arab Emirates takes place.

The country is one of the best places to witness the occurrence of the said eclipse this year.

The CEO of Dubai Astronomy Group Hasan Ahmad Al Hariri said in a Khaleej Times report that during the eclipse tomorrow, the shadow of the earth will be covering the moon.

“Now as the shadow comes up, you will clearly see it is not a straight line, it is curvey; a rounded shadow for a round object,” Al Hariri said, noting that the earth is not flat at all.

Full details:

· Friday at 11:30 pm – earth will pass between the moon and sun

· The eclipse will last 1 hr and 43 min

· Full eclipse: 12:21 am

· End at 1:13 am

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