• O.G. Wright

Baby Lost Ability To Smile Due to Brain Damage, But UAE Doctors Move Mountains

A four-month old infant, who was flown from his native country Nigeria, was saved by UAE doctors from severe brain damage, mental retardation and death.

Abdullahi David was taken from Nigeria to Ras Al Khaimah whose head was swelling due to excessive fluids in brain.

Due to some complications, he lost his ability to smile.

He was admitted to RAK Hospital after parents consulted several firms in Nigeria.

No hospital from Nigeria was willing to operate the infant due to narrow scope of success and it may potentially lead to death.

The local hospital found Baby Abdullahi to have a congenital hydrocephalus, a condition where fluid accumulates within the brain, either because of a blockage or the body’s inability to absorb the water.

“The surgery itself was not complicated, but the fact that patient was just a few months old presented a number of challenger,” Dr. Tinku Jose Kurisinkal, consultant neurosurgeon at RAKK Hospital, said.

The surgery lasted for about 90 minutes.

Upon recovery, Baby Abdullahi regained consciousness immediately.

He was now all smiles in front of camera.

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