• O.G. Wright

Canadian Prime Minister Joins in Distributing Iftar Boxes to Muslims

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has won our hearts again -- this time he was seen distributing iftar boxes to the less fortunate Muslims in Canada. 

"First I wish to a happy and blessed Ramadan and that this is certainly in the spirit of Ramadan but also for our our shared values as Canadians that we are generous. That we are there for each other that we think of those are not as fortunate and we help our brothers and sisters," he said. 

The initiative was part of Canada's project called Islamic Relief. 

"That is what is extraordinary about this country. That's extra ordinary about the values we share. That's what we are celebrating in Ramadan. The fact is that we come together, that we reflect on how we can make a difference not just today but every day," he added. 

The prime minister was also seen in the video helping to pack grocery items to be distributed to Muslims in the area and celebrating Ramadan. 

He said that making communities better, safer places where people are more welcomed, more understood is absolutely essential 

"The more we can do to show that we share values, to be there for each other, to respect each other, to build a better future that can be shared at all, the better world we'll build," he added. 

What Islamic Relief is doing, what you are all doing, as volunteers and what everyone is reflecting on this holy month of Ramadan and our daily lives as Canadians is something worth celebrating, he added. 

Meanwhile, a video of him breaking fast with his Muslim colleagues has also gone viral on the same day. 

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