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Chef Richelle Ortiz Restaurant

Updated: Jan 30, 2018

A resto-bar to chill and enjoy comfort food

Chef Richelle Ortiz Restaurant – A resto-bar to chill and enjoy comfort food

A resto-bar that will be there for you after a long hour of work, Chef Richelle Ortiz (CRO) is just located in Deira for you to chill out and relieve those stress.

CRO is the newest chill-out place. It has different drinks.

Your normal brandy will be upgraded by their bartenders – they’ll add tapioca, jelly, and caramel syrup.

To make your rum more special, they’ll add milk, sweet toppings like jackfruit in syroup, chewy coconut meat, purple yum and caramel custard.

For mixed vodka and gin, bartenders will add coconut juice, lychee, peach schnapps, orange juice and blue curacao. Isn’t a wow? Don’t worry, you’ll get overwhelmed how good it tastes.

Aside from these refreshing drinks, CRO is also offering usual comfort food.

They have kare-kare, minced prawn maki, tempura maki, buffalo wings, and the CRO’s Caesar Salad and more.

The resto-bar is located at the mezzanine floor of Holiday Inn, Downtown in Deira, Dubai.

Map and directions: here

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