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Chinese Guests Denied Of Entry In A Luxurious Hotel In UAE And Were Told To Get Blood Test

Hotel Guests Were Denied Access To A Luxury Hotel In UAE Because They Are Chinese

As the coronavirus from China keeps spreading across the globe, many Chinese nationals have been victims of bullying and discrimination.

And although it's frowned upon here in the Middle East, some Chinese expats still feel being discriminated due to coronavirus scare.

The hotel, Rixos Bab Al Bahr, was recently reported by The National turning away a group of Chinese guests and were told to take a blood test to prove they're healthy.

"The staff said they had a letter from authorities not to accept Chinese visitors but when I asked them to show it, they did not," Chinese expat Fei Jang who has been living in the UAE for 11 years now said in the report, adding that she was ordered to prove that she's healthy and not afflicted by the virus through getting blood test.

A spokesperson from the hotel has already apologized to the group explained that due to the evolving situation in China, hotel staff have been advised to be vigilant of their guests.

"This position was misconstrued yesterday by a member of the hotel team," Rixos manager Horst Walther-Jones said.

The UAE government did not order any retailer or company not to allow Chinese or any other nationality to use their service or product.

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