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Common mistakes we keep on doing inside RTA metro and bus

We’ve all probably did something wrong when we were young. What were the consequences before? Well, you were just reprimanded or grounded for probably a week. Well, that won’t happen for you when you’re here living and working in the UAE.

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No one will scold you when you’re especially inside the metro and do something wrong.

Most often than not, no one will tell you that you’re actually not abiding the rules and regulations inside a bus or train. Next time you’ll know, someone from the Roads and Traffic Authority is asking you to do down and hand in your personal ID. (Be careful always, they’re checking randomly).

That doesn’t stop from surrendering your Emirates ID to the RTA officer. Your action has consequences – it means you’re subjected to pay a certain fine.

If you’re penalized and can’t pay the fine on the spot, the officer will confiscate your Emirates ID and will give you a receipt.

Bus and train violators will be given 48 hours to collect and pay fine to the transport agency in Amman Street, Al Muhaisnah 4 Area.

General offences vary from AED 50 to AED 250.

Before you hop in on bus and train, read the list below to avoid getting fined in no time.

1. Sometimes red means ‘don’t’

The red traffic lights on the road mean stop and the red line near the side doors of bus means ‘don’t step within the red marks.’ RTA wants its passengers to be safe and the area might not.

2. Swiping isn’t enough

While you’re looking for a vacant sit and punching your NOL card on the card puncher, make sure that it’s credited. If you’re unsure, you may swipe your card once again – if you have, then it will say that you have already punched it already (you can’t be credited twice the amount of the normal fee).

3. Not too long

Don’t you ever hold the NOL card for too long on the card reader as it may result to check-in and check-out at the same time.

4. Don’t check out yet if…

Don’t check out yet if the bus hasn’t reached your destination. If you want to avoid the rush, don’t do this. Random checker is always on the loose.

5. Don’t forget to check out

Not checking out causes you to pay more for your next trip. Better remind yourself than to pay more, isn’t very economic? Here’s how it works, if your normal fee is AED 3, and you forget to punch out, you will be deducted a total of AED 7.50 on your next trip.

6. Eating and drinking are not acceptable

Almost every passenger know this rule but not everyone follows it. For the nth time, it’s not allowed to eat, drink or chew gum inside the bus or metro train.

7. Don’t sleep, you’re not home

It’s very tempting to sleep inside the bus – just enjoying the music on your phone and the smooth ride. But, hey, it’s prohibited to sleep inside any public transport. Wake up!

For the complete do’s and don’ts inside the public transport, please click here.

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