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Complete Details On How Filipinos In Abu Dhabi Can Avail UAE Amnesty Program

Starting August 1, all illegal residents in the UAE may avail the amnesty program.

Authorities are urging those people with absconding cases and those whose visas are already expired to avail the program.

In a video posted by Filipino journalist Laliebeth Petancio, Vice Consul Rowena Daquipil explained thoroughly the steps that Filipinos in Abu Dhabi should take when availing the amnesty program.

Note that there are three centres in Abu Dhabi to avail the program – one in Al Shahama, one in Al Ain, and one in Al Gharbia region.

Those people who need to rectify their visas have two options – either go home or stay and fix their residence visa.

Those Filipinos in the Capital who want to go back to the Philippines need to go to the centres (with their original passport if there is) and applicants must be aware if their last visas were indeed released in Abu Dhabi.

Those who want to go home, meanwhile, don’t need to pay any fee.

The Philippine Embassy will pay their one-way plane ticket going back to the Philippines and other necessary travel documents.

According to Daquipil, those who opt to leave the country will not be banned from entering the country in the future if they wish to visit UAE again.

In case an applicant doesn’t have his or her original passport or even a copy of that document, he or she needs to go to the Philippine Embassy because they will suggest the applicant what to do next.

If an illegal stayer wants to stay in the country, he or she just need to pay a nominal fee of AED 500.

If they can’t present their passport or if it’s expired already, they can go to the embassy to seek an advice.

After paying the fee, the applicant must go to the designated booth of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) to have your name listed.

The MOHRE will give the applicant a 6-month visit visa to help them find a new work and regularize their status in the country.

The name of the successful applicant will appear on MOHRE’s website under the virtual labour market so future employers can get workers from there if someone is qualified.

Those who will avail of this according to Daquipil should make sure not to overstay again.

If they have successfully found a job, they need to change their 6-month visa to work visa and the same normal process will be applied.

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