• O.G. Wright

Cook Shabu-Shabu Like A Pro With A Use Of Rice Cooker

With the cold weather lurking outside, there is no other better way to pair it but with a hot pot.

There might be a lot of hot pot restaurants in Dubai, but how far is it from your place? Will you take a taxi or drive your car? Talk about the traffic!

With a few tricks, you will achieve a DIY hot pot and satisfy your cravings using things that can only be found inside your household!

Follow the steps below:

-Plug your empty and clean rice cooker

-Pour ½ can of coconut milk, whisk it until it gets thick

-Pour ½ cup of barbecue sauce

-Pour ¾ cup of crab paste

-Pour ½ cup of chilli pepper

-Pour 1 liter of water

-Boil for the next five minutes

-Add vegetables

This very simple recipe is can feed up to 5 people.

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