• O.G. Wright

FINALLY! The Yanny and Laurel conundrum has been solved!

If you’re arguing with your friend last night if it’s Yanny or Laurel, well here’s the answer. We’re spilling the beans now and will end that argument right now.

While others are still debating about it, we’ve learned over YouTube that 47 percent of people on Twitter hear the word Yanni while the remaining 53 percent said it’s Laurel.

Before we go to 2015 era when the world was almost divided whether that dress is color black and blue or white and gold, we’ve searched the answer.

According to a YouTube account AsapSCIENCE, providing the words Yanny and Laurel matters.

“If you’re to play this without the word Yanny or Laurel, you will hear neither of this word. If you’re hearing it with an option, you will choose one,” the narrator of the video explained.

The second explanation showed a visual depiction of the sound waves of the original Yanny slash Laurel created by Brad Storey, a professor of speech, language, and hearing.

Both visual audios of Yanny and Laurel are very similar to the audio that’s making the rounds on the internet since yesterday.

The site explained that sometimes the sound quality of the device a person is using matters.

“But if you’re listening on the same (device) but you hear different things with someone next to you, it might have to do with the age of your ears,” it said.

It explained that if someone hears the word Yanny, one might have younger ears.

With the help of a Twitter user (@xxv), it provides a set of audio where he puts the audio up and down.

If it’s brought down 30 percent, you’ll clearly listen Yanny.

But when the pitch is brought up to 30 percent, you will likely hear Laurel.

“Your brain has so much stimulus at all times that it uses existing information and precise neurological pathways to focus its attention,” it explained.

Finally, the real answer to this madness is LAUREL.

If you heard Laurel, you are correct.

The original recording is saying Laurel but with higher frequencies overlaid creating ambiguity.


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