• O.G. Wright

Doctors Say That Coronavirus Is Not Something To Panic About But China's Death Toll Is Now At 811

Health experts across the globe have been reiterating that coronavirus is not something to panic about, but according to recent data released by WAM, the death toll in China related to the virus has already reached 811.

WAM, citing Xinhua News Agency, added that the National Health Commission of China announced that the overall confirmed cases of the new coronavirus on the Chinese mainland had reached 37,198 by the end of Saturday.

On a positive note, a total of 2,649 patients previously infected with the coronavirus had been already discharged from hospitals after recovery yesterday.

Infectious disease specialist John Swartzberg, a clinical professor emeritus in the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program assures that while coronavirus may be “a very serious problem,” and the numbers of infected individuals in China may far outnumber current reports, the pathogen is unlikely to become a major concern.

"Coronavirus is a very serious problem, and we don’t know how serious it will become. But right now, it’s not something to panic about in the U.S. And frankly, I think we have the tools to prevent it from ever rising to the level of something we should really worry about seriously in the US," he said in a News Berkeley report.

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