• O.G. Wright

Dubai Cinema House Facing Backlash For Screening Harry Potter Films On POOR Quality

If there is one spell that could turn a low-quality video into a more decent one, movie goers recently at this Dubai cinema would enchant it!

The cinema, Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall, screened the fictional films Harry Potter from August 23 to 24 at a rate of Dh110 per day but cinemagoers were not expecting the quality of the video!

If there is one job a cinema must do, that’s to make sure that they’re showing a quality film for their viewers!

Some viewers complained that they cannot view the film properly because it was grainy and blurry.

“It looked like a pirated copy,” one wrote on social media.

Good to know that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will be shown in Dubai Opera next month with a brilliant live orchestra.

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