• O.G. Wright

Dubai Police Wants Motorists To Pledge 6 Things To Join #ADayWithoutAccidents Campaign

The Dubai Police has recently launched a brand-new initiative to curb traffic accidents in the emirate, and they only want motorists to follow these six steps in order to join the ‘A Day Without Accidents’ campaign.

The campaign will take place on September 2 and those who want to join this can log in through their website. Personal information such as emirates ID and mobile number are needed.

“We strongly believe that the success of Dubai Police is the result of the public’s solidarity with us and their commitment to the laws and regulations,” Dubai Police wrote on their website.

Below are the pledges that partakers should abide on September 2.

-I will abide by traffic laws and regulations

-I will buckle up my seatbelt

-I will respect speed limit

-I will leave safe distance with vehicles ahead

-I will not use a handed mobile phone while driving

-I will give way to pedestrians crossing the road

Upon signing in, Dubai Police will send you a certification letter that you’re indeed going to join the campaign to make UAE roads peaceful.

Thousands of awards will be given on September 9 to successful partakers.

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