• O.G. Wright

Dubai Scammer Pretends To Be Police And Tells Residents That They Are To Be Arrested For Drugs

Dubai has been fighting curbing the crimes for decades now, and although they try hard to stop it, bad guys seem to have more reasons to dupe residents.

In a new tactic, they call random residents’ phone number and pretend to be part of the local authorities and ‘claim’ to arrest a random person due to drug use.

A reddit user based in Dubai has manifested this new scam after receiving the call.

“She repeated and mentioned that I bought drugs like Cocaine etc. I sensed that she is probably trying to scam me into something by intimidating me. And got bit angry as well. Told her to come and arrest me. She hesitated a bit and then cut the call. Seems she doesn’t seem to be interested in arresting me anymore :p.”

The reddit user has reported this incident to the CID and told him that they will take necessary action to stop the new scheme.

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