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Entering Russia Through FREE E-Visa? You Have To Book A Direct Flight Otherwise You'll Be Sent Back

Just recently, it’s reported that a certain number of foreigners can enter St. Petersburg Russia, including Filipinos, using e-visa, which can be availed at no cost.

Don’t avail of the free e-visa yet if you’re traveling with a connecting flight.

According to the Aeroflot.ru website, the e-visa is only valid for direct flights from a foreign country to the region for which it was issued, using transit flights to this region through Moscow or other airports within the Russian Federation is forbidden.

In a post by a Facebook community page called Dan On The Go, it posted the experience of a Filipino traveler who was forced to leave Russia because she had a connecting flight.

The Filipino traveler is identified as Marianne Margaret Escolar Zartman who traveled from Abu Dhabi International Airport and since there wasn’t a direct flight via Etihad Airlines to St. Petersburg from the said airport, she booked a connecting flight (from Abu Dhabi to Moscow and from Moscow to St. Petersburg).

Russian Immigration didn’t mention on their website that traveling to St. Petersburg has to be a direct flight.

The Filipino traveler sent back to the UAE.

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