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Facebook Post Explains Why Dubai People Can’t Even Save a Single Dirham

No matter how many financial seminars you have attended, you can’t still earn even a single dirham in Dubai because, ugh, for obvious reasons.

They say, Dubai is a hub for rich people. Rich people come here to spend money. But the amount of average people is much more than the ‘rich ones.’

As it’s called a hub for rich people, it’s also a refuge for foreign workers.

In a Facebook post made yesterday by user Wyron Cueto, he explained in a sheet a of paper the truth about living in Dubai and how it’s difficult to save for the future.

Cueto stressed that earning a Dh3,000 salary every month isn’t enough.

Below is the bizarre computation:

Dh3,000 - Salary

700 - House rent

200 - Water and electricity

300 - Transportation

1,000 - Remittance

500 - Food allowance

100 - Mobile allowance

100 - Personal hygiene

100 - Budget for our partner's monthsary


In Cueto’s caption, he urged Dubai residents to stop pretending that they still earn money if they really don’t.

A networker, he further added that it isn’t a bad idea to be ‘open minded’ and try a job with ‘extra income.’

In Dubai alone, there are some expats earning as low as Dh1,500 a month.

Cueto’s post has gone viral since it was posted yesterday. As of this writing, it has already been shared by 449 Facebook users with nearly 150 reactions.

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