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Filipinos Are Attacking Gulf News For Reporting Duterte's Confession That He 'Touched' A Maid

Filipinos are attacking Gulf News for reporting a fact.

They’re calling Gulf News, one of the most respected news agencies in UAE, a company producing fake news because they reported about the Philippine president’s latest remark.

Rodrigo Duterte confessed that he touched his maid when he was a teenager.

“I lifted the blanket… I tried to touch what was inside the panty. I was touching. She woke up. So, I left the room,” Duterte’s confessed.

But this report, which was lifted from Agence France-Presse, wasn’t hailed by most Filipinos.

The post, which was made on December 30, 2018, has now more than 300 hate and irrelevant comments.

A Facebook user called Ruby Jane commented: “How is this even connected to UAE? Gulf News, please know what you are spreading, this is completely a dishonor to our president. Fake news are very rampant nowadays, how come you couldn’t even distinguish what’s true and what’s fake?”

The news was still relevant because Gulf News has tons of Filipino followers and they have the right to publish what’s good for their readers.

Some commenters are diverting the current issue to a different one.

“Dear Gulf News, you better fire this Filipino journalist for misleading the people especially other nationalities other than us. You should be careful and think twice before putting a caption like this about him. Don’t just report a news without comprehending or analyzing the whole thing. Now, Gulf News looks like a cheap news company trying hard to get followers.”

Gulf News is the leading, if not, one of the leading news agencies in the Gulf Region, which has almost 3 million followers.

Gulf News’ caption was: “Women’s rights group accusing him of attempted rape.”

Other comments read: “Gulf News now part of Yellow Media?” (Yellow Media means being paid by the Aquinos)

“Gulf News, find some good and beneficial topics, please. Spreading this won’t affect how we respect our own president.”

Gulf News’ website has its own ‘Asia’ tab where relevant news are published, like this one.

“Ohh come on Gulf News, before you make news like this, I hope you write a report all harassment from UAE. Many Filipinos are getting harassed and raped in your country. Let our president alone.”

A netizen left a question that has no one replied: “Where is the fake news here when that statement came from the horse’s mouth?”

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