• O.G. Wright

Fill Up Your Tank Because Fuel in UAE is Gonna Be Pricy Next Month

In case you don’t know, fuel’s price is set to increase starting June 1 (that’s a few days from now), so we urge you to fill up your car ​now ​while you can still avail a lesser price.

Photo Credit : http://abrc.ae/

Super 98 unleaded has gone from AED 2.49 last month to 2.63 – a rise of 14 fils.

Special 95 unleaded has gone up to AED 2.51 from AED 2.56 – an increase of 14 fils.

Diesel’s price from AED 2.56 to AED 2.71 – a rise of AED 15 fils.

Prices given are per liter and include VAT.

The Ministry of Energy noted that this price will be applicable until the end of the month.

We’ll keep you posted once there are changes

​in the coming months.

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