• O.G. Wright

Flying From Dubai? You Can’t Put 350 ML Powder on Carry-on Baggage Anymore

A brand new strict rule has been introduced by Emirates.

From now on, the airline’s passenger will be not allowed to bring powder-like substances in containers equal to over 350 ml/grams in carry-on or cabin baggage.

“Travel advisory: New rules are in effect for carry-on bags for those flying from or via Australia and New Zealand or from, via or to the UAE. As of 30 June, powders 350 ml and over are subject to additional screening,” Emirates said in a statement.

Items like these will be confiscated in Dubai, Milan and Athens, depending on the last point of departure.

The rule is in relation with the new security guidelines from the US Transport Security Administration (TSA), the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs and the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.

Things exempted from this new rule are baby formula, medicines and human remains.

Those powdered products bought from duty free shops must be placed in Sealed Tamper Evident Bags along with proof of purchase.

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