• O.G. Wright

Fraudster Are STEALING UAE Facebook Accounts’ Data

UAE is among the top five countries subject to cyber-attacks.

Now, fraudsters are stealing UAE residents’ Facebook information using fake Facebook pages.

Germany is the most targeted country by these fraudsters in 2018, followed by Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, then UAE.

Global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said in a statement that social media users should pay more serious attention to their online activities, including clicking unsafe links an allowing apps access their personal data.

“This can lead to destructive attacks and a constant flow of money for the cybercriminals,” the statement added.

To keep your account safe, follow the steps below:

-Always check the link address and the sender’s email before clicking anything – or better type the link on browser’s address line instead.

-Before clicking the link, check if the link address is the same as the actual hyperlink – this can be checked by hovering your mouse over the link.

-Always use secure connection, especially if you visit sensitive websites.

-Always check HTTP connection especially when you’re accessing online bank, online shop, email, social media sites, etc.

-Never ever share personal data with a third party.

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