• O.G. Wright

From 12,000 in 1881, Dubai’s Population Is Now Over 3.1-Million

The growth of population in Dubai for the past couple of years has increased rapidly.

According to a new data, the population in the emirate has risen above three million – 3,136,400 to be exact by the end of the third quarter of 2018.

Comparing the same period last year, Dubai saw an increase of 232,000.

Meanwhile, Dubai’s ‘daytime population’ is standing at 4,291,400.

The total population of non-resident workers and temporary residents in Dubai is currently 1,155,000.

In 1881, the population in Dubai is just around 12,000. After some 137 years, it rocketed to over three million.

The rise in population reflects Dubai’s growth as a dynamic economic and tourism hub.

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