• O.G. Wright

Gerry’s Grill: Your Home Away From Home Restaurant In Dubai

UAE’s Gerry’s Grill carries Filipino’s home in the UAE which enables them not to miss the Philippine vibes by serving gastronomic Filipino and other Asian favorite food.

It’s one of the few restaurants in Dubai that only offers the Filipino feeling and TASTE!

Located in Karama, Gerry’s Grill is famous for offering grilled items and of course, everyone’s favorite, the Kare-Kare. Its thick peanut sauce is a major reason why you should try this out when you dine here.

Our top pick here besides the Kare-Kare is the Sizzling Beef Sisig. The minced beef is sautéed with onions with assorted seasonings and by far, it is the most authentic Sisig that we have every tried. It has no mayonnaise (which I like) but it standouts among the menu.

The attention-grabber Crispy Pla Pla is a deep-fried tilapia topped with garlic bites. Why did I call it attention-grabber? It’s fancily served on your table!

Talking about being extra, we’ve also tried the Adobong Puso Rice which is basically fried rice with a couple of chicken meat nestled in banana leaf.

Your Gerry’s Grill experience will not be complete if you’re not going to try their Nilagang Bulalo. It’s an ordinary beef stew that will remind you of your grandmother’s recipe back then. I ain’t even exaggerating.

But if you’re not into beef, my recommendation would be the Sinigang Na Hipon. It is just perfect for hot plain rice!

The greatest thing about ordering here is the generous serving. One order can already be shared by two people and the price is just right to compete with other restaurants that offer the same.

There is also an array of combo meal for those with tight budget.

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