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Going On A Trip? Fly Thursday, Plane Tickets In UAE Are Most Likely Cheap This Time

Planning your next vacation out of the country?

Before booking booking a flight out of UAE, read this first as this will help you save a penny.

A research has been revealed recently by Skyscanner when is the cheapest day to fly out of UAE, best time to book a flight, cheapest day to book a ticket.

The travel search site noted that Thursdays are the cheapest day to fly out of the country. An estimated 10% discount can be expected if one re-books their flight from a Friday to Saturday to a Thursday.

Friday is the most expensive day to fly out of the country.

Meanwhile, Saturday is the best time to book a flight in the UAE. Survey reveals that travellers can save up to 2% on their plane tickets if they book on a Saturday.

Other interesting data:

-If you book a ticket 19 weeks in advance from Dubai to Delhi, flights are 22% cheaper.

-Dubai-Manila flights are 4% cheaper than average when booked 3 to 6 weeks in advance.

-Dubai-Islamabad's flights are 10% cheaper than the original price if booked 10-24 weeks in advance.

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