• O.G. Wright

Haunted Places With Bone-Chilling Stories In UAE That You Can Pay A Visit For Free

Halloween is just around the corner.

Some say ghosts become more powerful during this occasion.

Whether it’s true or not – or you just want you scare yourself off, we are enlisting the ‘haunted’ places in UAE that have spooky stories to tell.

Al Jazirah Al Hamra

There is an abandoned village in the UAE called Jazirat Al Hamra which welcomes visitors with eerie silence. First time visitors revealed that the place has ‘something’ that will make your hair in your spine stand. The ruins were once inhabited by three indigenous tribes. Locals warn visitors never to visit the place past dark because ‘Jinns’ lurk at nightfall!

Pan Emirates and The Tunnel

This tunnel has become more popular because of numerous spooky mishaps and eerie occurrences. People feel that as if ‘someone’ was standing right next to them when they pass through the tunnel. There were also undocumented reports of moving furniture and broken windows in the nearby building, which is also adjacent to a local cemetery.

Al Dhaid Road

This photo was taken at Sharjah’s Interchange 9 Al Dhaid Road. At first glance, it’s just normal photo showing a mother-and-daughter in the middle of a desert. But what the photographer noticed was a ghostly figure with outstretched arms standing just next to the women. It became viral and has been debated online, questioning its authenticity.

Al Qasimi

The Palace of Al Qasimi is said to be haunted now. It was one of the most expensive palaces ever built on UAE's land. It has been abandoned for 20 years now and residents are allegedly seeing children peeping through the palace’s windows. Some see kids crying out to them.

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