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Heartbreaking Story How Pomeranian Dies On An Emirates Flight From Dubai To Philippines

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Nothing is more heartbreaking that knowing your beloved pet has died.

But nothing compares to what recently happened to Snoopy, a Pomeranian dog, on an Emirates flight.

He died inside the aircraft which was travelling from Dubai to the Cebu, Philippines on September 1.

He was being accompanied by a friend of Cliff Rozal, the owner, who is in the Philippines for an indefinite leave.

Snoopy, claimed by Roza, was in healthy condition after a previous bladder stone.

The company of Snoopy was informed that the dog has already passed away due to hypoxia, a lack of oxygen reaching the body’s tissue, during the flight.

“You have to go to the cargo hold area to collect animals and when my friend got there the customs and airport staff told him that [Snoopy] was no longer breathing,” Rozal told The National.

The resident veterinary surgeon noted that the poor pet was already dead for four hours, which means Snoopy died during the flight.

In an statement, the airline expressed their condolences, saying that they follow strict guidelines to ensure the comfort and safety of all animals they transport.

“[We are] conducting a thorough investigation into the situation,” the statement added.

Rozal said that he adopted the dog. He described Snoopy as a ‘very smart dog’ and the best-behaved dog that he ever met.

“He was not just a dog, he was my family. He meant everything to me,” he added.

The airport officials didn’t even allow them take his body out of the airport and was just buried next the runway.

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