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Here Are The Top 5 Skin Problems Of UAE Residents That You Need To Know And Avoid

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

You might be wondering why other residents in the UAE have a fairer skin than yours even when you’re being hygienic every day.

A dermatologist based in Dubai explained further with The City Vibes the top (and common) fix problems of the skin, hair and nails that UAE residents experienced.

Dr. Benjamin Bince MD, Dermatologist Specialist at the Klinika Maharlika in Dubai enumerated the matter below:

1 Pimples

Dr. Bince said that he commonly sees this among women in their middle ages (30s). Pimples that grow at a later age are called acne tarda. The most common cause of this is hormonal change.

Treatment: “Aside from treating this like common pimples, I usually refer them to an OB-Gyn for further evaluation. I also include hormonal treatment to these patients.”

2 Dry and itchy skin

This is a form of eczema due to excessively dry skin. The weather here in the UAE may be hot but the air very dry, plus we are always in air-conditioned rooms which make the dryness worse.

Treatment: Always use a skin moisturizer and use an emollient soap or cleanser. Antibacterial soaps, which Filipinos love to use, are usually drying.

3 Hair fall/loss

There are many factors why we experience this – it could be the weather, stress, the product we use on our hair, and hair coloring, among others. Normally, a person shed 100 hair per day.

Treatment: If its breakage of hair shaft, this may be due to dry, brittle hair from hair products or damage from different cosmetic hair procedures like coloring, curling, blowdrying, among others.

4 Contact dermatitis

Normally, people who work in salons are those with contact dermatitis because they are in contact with several chemicals on a daily basis. When one is allergic to a chemical or substance (like latex in gloves), he or she will be allergic to it most if not all of his or her life.

Treatment: The key treatment is avoidance because no matter how much medications you give for this problem, if the patient is exposed to them again they will surely have a recurrence. It is a very complicated problem because it is difficult for one to easily change jobs to avoid exposure to the allergen. But companies must be aware of this and allow their employees to be shifted to another workplace if faced with this dilemma.

5 Exacerbation of existing skin problems like psoriasis and atop dermatitis

Dr. Bince noted that this is usually due to lack of maintenance therapy. Many OFWs are busy at work and they tend to neglect their skin problems. It may also be due to lack of availability of healthcare (or lack of healthcare benefits).

Solution: Employees should look at their health insurances and make sure they have the best coverage for their existing skin problems.

To book an appointment with Dr. Bince, please call 04 325 0034.

His clinic timings are from Saturday to Wednesday, 11am to 8:30pm.

Klinika Maharlika also offers other skin-related issue and treatment such as:

-Skin biopsy and minor excisions

-Acne treatment programs

-Wrinkle treatment using muscle relaxing agents

-Derma fillers, threads and fat transfer for facial contouring

-Pigmentation treatment programs

-Hair loss treatment programs

-Anti-aging (rejuvination) treatment programs.

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