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Here’s A More Detailed Step-by-Step On How To ‘Change Visa Status’ In UAE

Majority of UAE residents have exited first the country before having an employment visa.

The ‘Change Visa Status’ from visit/tourist visa to employment requires one either pay a certain fee (around Dh1,000) or exit the country (to have the passport stamped in/out).

Just recently, I had exited the country to change my status from tourist to employment visa.

Before I exited the country, my employer had already processed my work visa.

I was ordered to exit the country to have my passport stamped with exit and entry stamps by the Dubai immigration so that my company can proceed with my medical tests and process my IDs (labor and employment) afterwards.

Below are the steps I’ve taken to successfully get my residence visa.

1. Wait for your e-visa

Your employer or company’s PRO will inform you about your e-visa, if they have already processed it. Sometimes, it only takes 4-5 days to process this document.

2. Prepare to exit

If your company requires you to exit the country, make sure that you’re well-prepared. Your employer will notify you when and where you will exit. If you will take two to five days, it’s better to take the chance to travel to a nicer country like Armenia or Georgia. Book a flight on the country you want to go and secure a cheap hostel stay.

3. Print your e-visa

Before exiting the country, you have to print your e-visa first because it will be needed once you entered the country for stamping as well.

4. Arrive at the airport 3 hours before the flight

It’s better to be always early. Bring your passport along with your flight booking copy. If you have overstayed for a couple of days, you may want visit Dubai’s General Directory of Residency and Foreign Affairs to pay your fines.

5. Get the exit stamp

The immigration officer at the Dubai International Airport will borrow your passport and key in the computer your details. Once everything is fine, the officer will stamp your passport with ‘exit’ along with a date. Some PROs need a photograph of it, others don’t.

6. Fly and come back

Once you’re settled with your employment visa, make sure to come back to the country with an ‘entry’ stamp of the Dubai immigration. They will also stamp your printed e-visa with the date of your entry, and scan your eyes. You better not lose you e-visa with the stamp because you’re going to need it for medical test purposes.

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