• O.G. Wright

Here’s How To Ace A UAE Job Interview As Told By This HR Expert

Nabbing a job in the UAE may be hard for some.

For a few, it’s easy.

Now that’s the competition has been increasing in the country, the question is: how will you stand out among the rest?

Lance Japor, a Dubai-based HR expert, shared six tips on a video uploaded on YouTube by i12wrk, an app to help jobseekers in the country to find suitable work for them.

The first step is to be early.

Make sure to come to the office 15 minutes before the interview schedule time so that you can still think and refresh.

Second is do some research.

“Make sure to check the company website before coming to the interview to get some information about them,” Lance said.

You wouldn’t want yourself to be clueless if the interviewee asks you ‘what do you know about our company?’

Third is to be concise.

Making yourself comfortable inside the office with the interviewee is not enough. You need to be concise with your job experience and every detail you give. Always go direct to the point.

The fourth one is to use proper body language.

“Use eye contact and nod to agree with the interviewer,” Lance added.

Avoiding doing unnecessary things such as biting your nails or staring anywhere.

These are not impressive.

Fifth is sell yourself.

How do you want to sell yourself? Well, you gotta be good at explaining your breakthroughs in life. Reminder: don’t oversell yourself.

Down to the last one is to be courteous. Always thank the interviewer after the interview.

Now it’s your time to ace that job interview of yours.

Good luck!

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