• O.G. Wright

Here's what to do if you receive a phone scam in UAE

No matter how strict the rules UAE set, there will always that cluster that will dupe people and put their lives in perils. 

Just like with the recent separate raids happened in Dubai and a neighbouring emirate, phone scammers are arrested in their hideouts. 

These scammers use mobile to dupe people by saying that they won "prizes" supposedly from telecom companies. 

They also promise a huge amount of money in return for "valuable prize". 

The authorities revealed that the scammers promised AED 200,000 to residents and many people fall for this act. 

A top official at the Dubai police said that even if a person wasn’t duped by them, he or she should call 901 and provide them with the number so they can arrest the culprits. 

He added that members of the public should be more aware of the scam because it is hard to believe that someone will win this kind of money so easily.

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