• O.G. Wright

Hospital Bills Preventing Baby Raf Daniel To Finally Come Home

A Dubai-based mom is asking netizens to help her premature baby to come home.

Filipino mum Cristina Laguilles' said that her son baby Raf Daniel is in a hospital now and might be held longer due to pending bills.

The untimely bearing of her child was due to the stress she felt when her husband got hospitalized due to excruciating stomach pains last January 20.

Because of stress, Cristina delivered baby Raf Daniel three months earlier than the predicted date.

"Everything that has happened with all the stress has taken its toll on my pregnancy and resulted in preterm delivery," Cristina wrote in a recently launched Go Get Funding.

Currently, baby Raf Daniel is in NICU to support his development until he reaches 35 weeks.

The hospital bill grows as the day passes by.

"We are excited to bring him home but until then we need to have the bills settled," the mum added.

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