• O.G. Wright

If Parasite Was Made In The Philippines, This Will Be The Perfect Cast

What if the Oscar-winning film Parasite were shoot and made in the Philippines? What could be the result? Who will be the cast?

The South Korean film is now making waves all over the world because of how the director tells the story of a family that is considered as Parasite.

The online community has shared multiple photos showing the casts' counterpart if it were made in the Philippines.

In the website of Scribbles Rare Job, it posted the following photos:

Carmina Villaroel as Yeon-gyo

Joshua Garcia as Kim Ki-woo

Miles Ocampo as Kim Ki-jeong

Diether Ocampo as Park Dong-ik

Andrea Brillantes as Park Da-hye

Rob Wachtel as Park Da-song

Epy Quizon as the guy in the basement

Manilyn Reynes as Chung-sook

Jaclyn Jose as Gook Moon-gwang

John Arcilla as Kim Ki-taek

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