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Illegal Residents In UAE Are Encouraged To Change Lives Through Amnesty Program

Thousands of illegal stayers in the emirate of Dubai are encouraged to take the ‘chance’ to change their lives through the 2018 amnesty program which is set to kick off on August 1 until October 31.

According to Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, the director general of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs– Dubai everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the program as this is a ‘gift’ from the UAE government.

People that will benefit the amnesty program are all nationalities in the emirate with absconding and overstaying cases.

“They are not criminals. We are here to support the people to re-stand and start working [legally]. Why are we implementing this? Because they work for their families, friends, and even neighbors and we want them to start a new life and get a job without suffering any difficulties,” he said during a press conference held today at Al Aweer General Amnesty Nerve Center.

The venue of the press conference will be the one area where amnesty seekers will go.

There is a huge tent erected for them that can accommodate more than a thousand people.

The tent will also host booths for different consulates where residents can get advice if they may face problems in the event of getting amnesty program.

Applicants are made sure to bring their original passport if they wish to avail amnesty.

Al Marri said that since he thinks that there are only a few illegal residents here in Dubai, they only expect about 2,000 during the time period.

The members of the GDRFA will work round the clock to assist amnesty seekers according to Al Marri.

Some cases may take only a day to process while others will take days.

Those who wish to stay in the country are required to pay a certain fee of not more than AED 600 and will be given a 6-month visa to look for a regular work, while those who would opt to leave the country are free to go without any ban from the country and penalties to be paid.

Meanwhile, those who have criminal and civil cases must be cleared first before they would be assisted for the amnesty.

Information about the amnesty will be distributed in residential buildings across the emirate and active campaigns on social media sites will be strengthened to inform those illegal stayers to avail this chance.

Free shuttle buses going to Al Aweer will also be scattered across the emirate. Bus routes are expected to be announced by the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA).

If you have more questions, you may directly call the immigration centre through 800 511.

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