• O.G. Wright

In Case You Don't Know, This Is How Filipinos In Dubai Read These Words

With almost a million of Filipinos in the UAE, it is impossible for non-Filipinos to have interacted with one of them. And for those non-Filipinos who have close and intimate with Filipinos, you have probably heard them saying these actual words with a different one!

In a TikTok post by @abnfe, it shows a non-Filipino first reading a list of words related to UAE.

The black woman flashed the list and read the following correctly:




In a Relationship


Meanwhile, after she read it out loud, TikTok user then took turn to read and saying "How kabayans read this"

UAE = Dubai

Arabs = Daks

Asian = Jutay

In a Relationship = Walang Forever

Salary = Al Ansari

Just to be fair, it's not only Filipinos who call UAE as Dubai. What can you do if the city is more popular than the country? Reading the word 'Arabs' as 'Daks' contains rated PG explaination, touche with 'Jutay'! 'In a Relationship' to 'Walang Forever' or no forever and 'Salary' is just easily converted to Al Ansari!

If you have a Filipino friend, ask them what's 'Daks' and 'Jutay' because we can't even!

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