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Indian Amnesty Seeker Dies A Day Before Amnesty Program Kicks Off

An Indian man in Dubai who was planning to seek amnesty program on August 1 has died a day before he’s supposed to seek amnesty.

The Indian man, Bernard Cardoso, had developed breathlessness and was too scared to see a doctor, and assuming the condition will just fade away.

He was rushed into a hospital nearby as he suffered a cardiac episode. But the wife, who was living in a separate place, reached the hospital and found his husband dead.

Cardosos’ life before

Cardoso was jobless since his company closed down in 2015.

He was managing a popular food chain in Dubai. He was also living with his wife and two kids in the emirate, but since the wife, Liberate, was the only one working and making ends meet, they were forced to send their kids back home in India.

“I was hoping Bernard would get a job. However, we just could not afford a home and the upkeep of children with their school expenses, so I sent back my boys to Goa to my mother. Bernard returned with them to Goa and later come back to Dubai on a visit visa in the hope of getting job,” Liberate was quoted as saying by Gulf News.

Liberate stayed in a shared staff accommodation while Bernard opted to stay in a shared room in Satwa when he returned to Dubai on a visit visa.

The latter could not find a decent job and forced himself to do the odd ones that his visa status was not updated and fines have mounted.

He was too scared to go to the police and was afraid to get jailed.

“The years kept mounting and I kept pleading to him to turn himself in and that is how when amnesty was announced we were so happy that he would finally get a chance to be able to do so. He was very keen to meet his sons and was looking forward to taking the amnesty,” the wife said.

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