• O.G. Wright

‘Inertia’ Feature Film, A Must-See Masterpiece

Actor-producer Zenofer Fathima has recently debuted her very first feature film – Inertia – in a local cinema house here in Dubai which will be showcased on television by free-to-air channel Imagine Movies later this year.

The film, top-billed by Zenofer herself with Bollywood actor Mukul Dev and Casey Shannon, the double for Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, as co-star, tells the story of successful businesswoman whose business trip was whisked with unexpected events after meeting a cryptic stranger.

Full of heart-stopping twists, Inertia demonstrates a compelling reality that overconfidence can at times lead to some not so pleasant results and take your life off the rails.

“[The film] is an extension of my passion to create visual narratives that emotionally connect. Its effectiveness comes from a reality that mirrors societal complications and creates dialogues amongst a broad audience,” Zenofer said.

She added that as a committed filmmaker it is important for her to create contents that strike a chord with vast audience because it can help build loyalty and trust to her projects.

“I believe that Inertia has what it takes to create resonance with my viewers and this is why I choose it to be my inaugural full-length movie. I cannot be more grateful that Imagine Movies is lending its support by airing the film, hopefully by next month, so that more fans will be able to see it,” Zenofer said.

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