• O.G. Wright

Khalid Al Ameri’s Tribute To Wife Will Make You Cry… And Believe That True Love Exists

Just in case you don’t believe in love anymore, watch the latest vlog of Emirati social media influencer Khalid Al Ameri and restore that burning love in your heart.

Khalid made a vlog about his wife, Salama, who helped him to be the Khalid that millions of people are looking up to today.

He describes that her wife played a huge role in shaping his life and achieving his dreams through the years

“To me, she’s not just my wife. She is the mother of my kids, she’s my best friend,” Khalid said.

He considers his wife as his own 'hero'.

He also revealed that there was a time when he was so down and didn’t feel much about himself.

And then Salama arrived and made his life colorful again.

“Salama would always cheer him up. She would always check in on me. She would always push me go out and have fun. She kept going till the real Khalid came out,” he said.

Watch the video below:

If this doesn’t make you cry, I don’t know what will.

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