• O.G. Wright

Kimchee by Shogun is definitely a Winner

Satwa is not only home to many people – it is also home to must-try restaurants and one of the few restaurants that we recommend is Kimchee by Shogun.

Situated on the second floor of Manila Building, Satwa, Dubai, this restaurant will make you discover the glory of kimchee.

What’s the point of going here? Well, first you will not hesitate to order because they have the most affordable items and the meal serving is just too awesome.

Kimchee by Shogun has this very popular combo that customers patronize it when they come back.

Priced at AED 147, the set is already composed of Korean Barbeque (of your choice), any Jigjae (soup) and choice of either Kimbap, Japchae or Dduk Bokki. This set comes with four drinks and four rice.

Location here: map

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