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LongBeach Campground: Taking Camping Out To A Whole New Level

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Camping out is a habit that UAE residents do at least once a year – especially if it’s already winter!

Since the temperature is obviously falling down in the entire country, we recommend a camping experience which taken the usual way to a whole new level.

Bin Majid Beach Hotel’s annual LongBeach Campground in Ras Al Khaimah will not bore one, take it from our experience during the grand opening just last week.

The activity started around 3pm. And from that very moment, a bunch of activities have followed, including a fun race at the beach water park obstacle course, beach games such as tennis, volleyball, badminton, chess, giant Jenga, to mention a few.

What’s more fun visiting the place is its activities don’t delimit the kids. Kids have their own activities and many facilitators are there to guide them.

But how it differs from the normal camp out? THE TENTS! We were assigned inside a tent that can host at least four people. The inside was composed of three beds – one can accommodate two people, while the remaining beds are designed to be slept with one person.

There are prepared towels, the mattress was very clean, and hotel stuff such as shampoos, conditioners, toothbrush, toothpaste, among others, are available inside.

Ours was just situated near the beach so we can vividly hear the rustling sound of the sea.

There is a plethora of tents outside. They have for two people and for family and VIP.

While some activities were done at the same time, we just enjoyed the infinity pool together with other guests. While making new friends, we didn’t let the free and unlimited soft beverages pass.

The wide infinity pool is intelligently positioned in a way that you can see the beautiful horizon that would make you ask yourself if you’re really seeing a natural beauty or just a work of art.

By past 7 in the evening, we made our way to the open banquet hall by the beach. There was a live cooking session and chefs are serving different cookeries from beef, chicken, seafood, pasta, salad, bread, grills, and many more to choose from.

After munching the gastronomic food, we opted to drink a few glasses of alcohol which was available from 7pm to 10pm. It’s served unlimited but we choose to drink a few because we’re not in the mood for a heavy one.

The night wasn’t that hot. The humid was nowhere to be felt. It was just perfect for a camping.

Because we lurked for a long time in the open bar, we ran out of marshmallows to be roasted on the campfire. It would be more perfect if they had a spare or two so that we could experience it.

By the time we reached the floating cinema, the movie Titanic has already been rolling and, ugh, for the second time around, we arrived at the popcorn stand with no popcorn to be served. They ran out again!

Nevertheless, it was alright. I just made myself busy re-watching the romantic film by sitting in a bean bag alone with some couples around. I shrugged the fact that I have no pair. Who cares? At least I was enjoying the film.

It was too perfect to screen the movie in a floating cinema.

I left the area right before Jack and Rose jumped out of the sinking Titanic. I knew I will cry at that moment to the ending. I hastily went back to our tent and waited for my colleagues.

Sleeping was kind of difficult in my part. There was no air condition inside the tent, but the temperature was just okay – not too cold, not too warm. It’s just that I’m used to sleeping in a very cold room.

We wake up at 7 and we only have an hour to eat.

We didn’t get to join the yoga session because it was too early – but we did enjoy some beach games such as kayaking. I and my other colleague tried to play volleyball but it was obvious that we don’t know to play the game so we quit. Kids are enjoying egg hunting and others are renting motorbikes.

We also tried their brand-new Jacuzzi and took some photos with it.

Near the Jacuzzi and sauna area is a mini zoo where kids or even adults can pet domesticated animals such as pony, rabbit, goats, birds and chickens. It was worth taking a selfie with the pony!

What people should not miss here is their unlimited soft beverages, floating cinema, unlimited alcoholic drinks, and the peace of mind the place gives. It’s far from metropolitan and busy streets. No sirens, no work, no boss – just complete tranquillity.

I wish they add more public shower stand near the pool. 

The package that we get was the Dh799* which already covers two adults and two kids and a 24-hour luxurious camping experience.

The camp's starting rate is Dh599 for deluxe tent (Thursday only).

Below are the activities that are inclusive in the package:

For other inquiries and bookings, please feel free to select from the following options below:

-Message their Facebook page

-Direct Message their Instagram account

-WhatsApp them at +971 56 184 5805

-Or you may visit their website at www.binmajid.com

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